Happy Halloween!

Thanks, Altalp, for the awesome PLA pumpkin picture!

As long as I'm doing an update here, I should mention a few things...

(1) Tickets for Shmoocon go on sale tomorrow (November 1st) at noon! Quite a few PLA people are planning on showing up there to wreak havoc, including RBCP, Trevelyn, Rogue Clown, Rob T. Firefly and others. Click here to see the PLA's Shmoocon planning page.

(2) Spessa keeps hacking road signs. Take a look at the hilarity on signhacker.com.

(3) People are sending me lots of voicemails, telling me I'm going to hell for the latest PLA Radio. You should too! (505) 796-4020

(4) It's not too late to vote for PLA Radio at the Podcast Awards!

(5) Holy shit, altalp, that pumpkin rules!


I run this town.

One thought on “Happy Halloween!

  • October 31, 2008 at 4:58 pm

    (5) Holy shit, altalp, that pumpkin rules!


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